Discovering the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike in Breezewood

Located within a forest in the US state of Pennsylvania, there's an intriguing historical relic. Once part of the USA's interstate network, a 13-mile (21 km) section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was abandoned in the 1950s.

Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

Where is the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike?

The turnpike is located in the south-central part of Pennsylvania, near Breezewood, in the northern part of Fulton County.

When was the Pennsylvania Turnpike built?

Running through the Appalachian Mountains, the road was initially paved and opened to the public in 1940. Many of the tunnels on this stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike were originally initiated for the South Penn Railroad in the mid-1800s but were never finished.

When was the Pennsylvania Turnpike abandoned?

The interstate was abandoned in November 1968 to alleviate tunnel congestion. Since then, nature has reclaimed it. Today, the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is a hidden attraction parallel to the modern turnpike, largely untouched despite over 50 years of disuse.

Can I drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

Owned by the Nature Conservancy and closed to motorized vehicles, bicyclists may use the trail cautiously with helmets and lights for safety. It's transforming into a scenic biking and hiking route.

Where was The Road movie filmed?

This stretch, featuring three tunnels and a travel plaza east of Breezewood, has served various purposes, including turnpike worker training and military exercises. It gained fame as a filming location for the 2009 movie "The Road," starring Viggo Mortensen. In the movie, the protagonist and his son are forced to take refuge in Ray's Hill Tunnel, a part of the disused Pennsylvania Turnpike, as a hostile gang's truck emerges from it.
Pic: Mat Weller