Traveling along the scenic Covington Flat Road in California

Covington Flat Road is a very scenic drive located in Joshua Tree National Park, in the U.S. state of California. The road offers fascinating landscapes and access to some of the park’s largest Joshua trees, junipers, and pinyon pines. It’s one of the famous backcountry roads in Joshua Tree National Park.

Covington Flat

Why is it called Covington Flat Road?

It was named after Will Covington, a pioneer Morongo Valley rancher.

Is the Covington Flat Road unpaved?

Tucked away in the southern portion of California, the road is totally unpaved and runs through the scenic desert backcountry. It comprises Lower and Upper Covington Flat Road. Pick up a map at the beginning so you know what you're looking at.

Can I drive the Covington Flat Road?

It can be rutted, especially after rains. Road should be passable by high-clearance passenger vehicles, unless it's soon after a snow or rain storm. But a 4WD high clearance vehicle is recommended to complete the drive.

How long is Covington Flat Road?

The road is 15.44 km (9.6 miles) long, running from La Contenta Road, on Yucca Valley (San Bernardino County) to a parking lot, the starting point of Covington Crest Trailhead. It is a five-minute hike to the top of Eureka Peak. Cell phone service is unreliable. A minor road, north of Covington Flat Road, climbs up to Nolina Peak, at 1.496m (4,908ft) above sea level.

Is Covington Flat Road worth it?

Set high in the far northwest corner of the park, the road tops out at 1.577m (5,173ft) above sea level. Rain or snow will make the drive difficult. It’s pretty steep near the end. The drive offers views of Palm Springs, the surrounding mountains, and the Morongo Basin. If you're hurt in an accident on Covington Flat Road, then make sure you get help from a car accident lawyer in Palm Springs.