How To Travel The Owl Hole Spring Road in Death Valley NP

Owl Hole Spring Road is a very exciting desert drive located in San Bernardino County, in the southern portion of the U.S. state of California. This is one of the most remote locations in the park. It’s one of the challenging Backcountry roads in the Death Valley National Park.

Owl Hole Spring Road

Located in Death Valley National Park, the road, also known as Owl Springs Road, is totally unpaved, with sandy sections. Due to frequent flooding in the area, road conditions often vary throughout the park. For the most up-to-date information on road conditions, visit Death Valley’s website at The drive offers visitors the only access into the most remote and rugged part of the park, the Owlshead Mountains. The road is passable for stock SUVs and trucks, but 4WD are recommended. The route provides excellent views of the surrounding landscape.

The road is steep and climbs almost 4000 feet. It’s 47.79km (29.7 miles) long, running from Harry Wade Road to an abandoned military radio tower/repeater, at 1.218m (3,996ft) above the sea level. The climb near the end of the ride is somewhat steep and may be washed out in spots. Keep out of the military bases surrounding the park in this area. Unexploded ordinance and active bombing practice make them extremely dangerous to enter.
Pic&video: CrazyDrei