Old Spiral Highway is Idaho’s windiest road

Old Spiral Highway is said to be one of the best motorcycle roads in the US state of Idaho. The very twisty road, with 64 curves, is short, curvy, smooth, and most definitely sweet.

Old Spiral Highway

Where is the Old Spiral Highway?

The road is located on the north side of the Clearwater River in Lewiston, the county seat of Nez Perce County, in the northern-central part of Idaho, near the border of Washington state.

How long is Old Spiral Highway?

The Old Spiral Highway is only 11.74km (7.3 miles) long.

When was the Old Spiral Highway built?

Originally constructed in 1917, this historic road, also known as the Old Lewiston Grade, takes 64 turns to traverse 2000 feet of elevation change. This road served as the only route for traffic until 1977 when US-95 was constructed. It was considered a huge feat in engineering and a breakthrough at the time. The road was the subject of the 1950s rock n' roll song called "Hot Rod Lincoln".

Where does Old Spiral Highway start and end?

The road runs south-north from ID-128 road at 272m above sea level to US-95 road at 822m above sea level. The elevation gain is 550 meters. The average gradient is 4.68%. The road hits a 13% maximum gradient through some of the ramps.

What is the curviest road in Idaho?

Old Spiral Highway is fully paved. Nicknamed Idaho’s windiest road, it’s not an easy drive, with uncountable turns and twists. This old 2-lane alignment of US Route 95 heads up the breathtaking 2000 ft tall grade in a very short 8 miles. The road is loaded with twists and turns and dramatic switchbacks. It is also freshly repaved - too good to be true. This short and technical motorcycle route is certainly one of the best rides in the area. With over 60 curves and a steadily steep elevation grade, this road is for drivers who are up for a bit of a challenge. It’s best attempted by those who don't get dizzy very easily.
Pic: gsk39