The imposing Kuskulana Bridge in Alaska

Kuskulana Bridge is said to be the biggest thrill on the road to McCarthy. Located in Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska, United States, this one lane vehicle bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Kuskulana Bridge

The bridge lies at milepost 17 oN the gravel McCarthy Highway (closed in winters). The speed limit is 15mph. This 525-foot-long bridge was built in 1910 during the dead of winter (with temperatures dipping to –60°F) as the railroad pushed to complete the line by spring. It was rehabilitated in 1988.

The bridge spans 238 feet (73 m) high above the Kuskulana River and still remains for many, the most hair raising part of the entire McCarthy Road. This historic railroad span is a vertigo-inducing 238ft above the bottom of the gorge. Though the state has added guard rails and new planks and thus taken some of the thrill out of the crossing, the view of the steep-sided canyon and rushing river from the bridge is awesome, and well worth the time to park at one end and walk back across it! Imagine riding high in a heavily loaded ore train across the two icy rails.