Crazy Woman Canyon Road is a very scenic drive in Wyoming

Crazy Woman Canyon Road is a highly scenic drive located in Johnson County, in the U.S. state of Wyoming. A high-clearance vehicle is an absolute must. It's pretty bumpy, but the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

Crazy Woman Canyon Road

Where is Crazy Woman Canyon Road?

The road is located in the north-central part of Wyoming, between Kaycee and Buffalo.

How did Crazy Woman Canyon Road get its name?

Crazy Woman Canyon derives its name from Crazy Woman Creek, surrounded by various legends and theories that attempt to explain its origin. Two prevalent theories have gained popularity over time. According to one narrative, the canyon was named after an Indian woman who lived in solitude in her teepee and eventually descended into madness. Another tale recounts a tragic and violent event involving a settler who witnessed the capture and scalping of her husband by Indians, leading to her descent into insanity.

How long is Crazy Woman Canyon Road?

Crazy Woman Canyon Road (Bighorn National Forest Road 33) is a one-lane dirt road. The road is 21.24 km (13.2 miles) long, running east-west from WY-196 to US-16. It is nearly always deserted.

Is Crazy Woman Canyon Road challenging?

Set high in the Big Horn Mountains, the road is pretty steep, with an elevation gain of 871 meters (2,857 ft) when running east-west. The road follows the creek through the canyon and should be avoided during bad weather. Low-clearance vehicles should avoid this route, and a high-clearance vehicle is an absolute must. Many spots are single-vehicle width, so watch for cars coming in the opposite direction. Vehicles larger than an SUV are not permitted. The road gets fairly narrow, and this can be a problem if you want to turn around or let other cars pass. It is a little narrow in a few spots with one-vehicle bridges. You may want to hesitate to travel on this road after or during heavy rain, as any kind of washout or slick conditions could make travel hazardous.

Is Crazy Woman Canyon scenic?

Plan about 1.5 hours to complete the drive. Travel is slow due to the road condition. This is a beautiful drive, with lots to see along the way. It’s a must-drive for people who love scenery, with different landscapes, waterfalls, and creeks along a road through enormous cliffs that seem to rise up into the sky.
Pic: Steve Davenport