Rattlesnake Pass is the road less traveled in Wyoming

Rattlesnake Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.296m (7,532ft) above sea level, located in Carbon County, in the US state of Wyoming.

Rattlesnake Pass

Where is Rattlesnake Pass?

The pass is located to the east of Rawlins, in the southern part of Wyoming.

Is Rattlesnake Pass in Wyoming unpaved?

The road through the summit is entirely unpaved, but navigable by most passenger vehicles in good weather. It is called Rattlesnake Pass Road.

How long is Rattlesnake Pass in Wyoming?

The pass is 32,50km (20.2 miles) long running west-east from WY-130 (to the south of Walcott) to WY-72 road (to the north of Elk Mountain).

Is Rattlesnake Pass in Wyoming open in winters?

The weather in this part of Wyoming can be quite variable, with cold winters and warm summers. Snow and ice can make the pass difficult to traverse in winter, while summer brings milder conditions suitable for exploration.

Is Rattlesnake Pass in Wyoming worth the drive?

Running parallel to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway, it’s one of the most historic scenic byways in the state. Its remote location makes it a good spot for those looking to explore less-traveled areas of Wyoming.