Zilwaukee Bridge in Michigan is the perfect example on how not to build a bridge

Located in Zilwaukee, in Saginaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan, the Zilwaukee Bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. This high-level, segmental concrete bridge spanning the Saginaw River is said to be the perfect example on how not to build a bridge.

Zilwaukee Bridge

When was the Zilwaukee Bridge built?

Construction of the Zilwaukee Bridge began in 1978 to replace the old bridge, which had become inadequate for the increasing traffic demands. The new bridge was designed to accommodate six lanes of traffic, three in each direction, to alleviate congestion on the busy highway. The construction of the Zilwaukee Bridge was a challenging endeavor, facing various setbacks, including delays and cost overruns. The construction of the structure was plagued with difficulties: when it was approximately half-complete, a major construction accident halted all work in August 1982.  However, despite these challenges, the bridge was finally completed and opened to traffic in 1988.

How long is the Zilwaukee Bridge?

The Zilwaukee Bridge carries Interstate 75 (I-75) over the Saginaw River, connecting Zilwaukee Township and the city of Saginaw. One of the remarkable engineering features of the Zilwaukee Bridge is its unique design, featuring a curved shape that spans the Saginaw River. It is 8,000 feet (2440 m) long and 125 feet (38 m) at its highest point.
Pic: http://media.mlive.com/saginawnews_impact/photo/zilwaukee-bridge-bbec235072ccfec4.jpg