Crossing the historic Gandy Bridge in Florida

Located in Florida, USA, Gandy Bridge is 14,859 feet (4.529m) long over the sea. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Gandy Bridge

How long is the Gandy Bridge in Florida?

The bridge, also known as Friendship Trail Bridge, spans Old Tampa Bay, running from St. Petersburg (Pinellas County) and Tampa (Hillsborough County). It carries the U.S. Route 92 or U.S. Highway 92 (US 92). It’s 14,859 feet (4.529m) long. If you fear being on a small road close to the water, don't ever drive from Tampa to Clearwater. Not too congested unless it is around rush hour.

When was the Gandy Bridge built?

The original Gandy Bridge began its construction in 1922 and opened on November 20, 1924. This critical piece of infrastructure cost $3 million to build at that time and was one of the longest bridges in the world. It was dismantled in 1975. The second bridge was constructed in 1956 was used for vehicular traffic. This bridge was closed in the late 1990s and re-opened in 1999, with a new name and new purpose, as the Friendship Trail Bridge, for pedestrians and bicycles. It was demolished in 2015 due to hazardous conditions. The third and fourth spans of the Gandy Bridge are currently being used for vehicle traffic.