Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge never seems to end

Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge is 24 mile-long and links New Orleans to Mandeville, in the US state of Louisiana, crossing the Lake Ponchartrain. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge

Is Lake Ponchartrain Causeway scary?

Land can’t be seen by drivers who are crossing the middle 8 miles of the bridge, making this one of the scariest bridges in the U.S. Police who patrol the bridge have reported having to rescue anxious drivers who become scared while crossing the bridge and literally stop their cars on the middle of the roadway. These panic-stricken motorists have to be driven across the bridge by police officers. This is not for the feint of heart. This bridge is long and can be both boring and dangerous. In the morning, there is often a thick fog. When fog procedures are in effect, stay in the right lane only and do not pass. Form a single line in the right lane. Put on your headlights. (do not use brights or emergency lights). Stay close enough to the vehicle in front of you to see its taillights, but don’t follow too closely. Inclement weather makes the drive nerve wracking.

How long is Lake Ponchartrain Causeway?

Tucked away on the southeastern part of Louisiana, the causeway is an absolute must-drive when you visit New Orleans. This scary bridge, also known simply as The Causeway, was constructed in just fourteen months, and opened on August 30, 1956. It rises just 16 feet above the waters of Lake Pontchartrain, but the real fear factor is that it never seems to end—it spans nearly 38.62km (24 miles) from the Metairie suburb of New Orleans to Mandeville on the northern shores of the lake. From the midpoint you cannot see the shore. From 1969 until 2011, it was listed by Guinness World Records as the longest bridge over water in the world.
Pic: Richard Palmisano