Navigating Hells Canyon Road: A Majestic Drive Along the Snake River Between Idaho and Oregon

Nestled between Idaho and Oregon, the Hells Canyon Road (NF-454) offers travelers a mesmerizing drive through the USA's deepest gorge. Known as one of Idaho's most captivating routes, this road promises a memorable experience.

Hells Canyon Road

Is the Hells Canyon Road paved?

Skirting the Snake River's eastern shore and delving into the heart of Hells Canyon, the route is a continuous paved stretch. As drivers navigate this road, they'll weave through winding lanes, encounter steep grades, and ride along the precipitous walls of the canyon. The pathway frequently oscillates between soaring high above the water and descending to near-river levels, demanding unwavering attention from its travelers.

How long is the Hells Canyon Road?

Stretching 37.49km (23.3 miles), Hells Canyon Road takes adventurers from the Oxbow Bridge near Copperfield in Oregon's Baker County, culminating at the Hells Canyon Dam. However, upon reaching the dam, note that only Park Service vehicles can proceed further. Thus, travelers will need to retrace their journey back to the starting point. Originally crafted by Idaho Power to facilitate dam construction, the road has since become an iconic byway for countless travelers seeking unparalleled natural beauty.