Geysers Road

Geysers Road runs through the vineyards of Sonoma County

Located in Sonoma County, in Northern California, in United States, Geysers Road is a very scenic drive along vineyards and wineries.

How long is Geysers Road in Sonoma County?

The road is 46.99km (29.2 miles) long through the vineyards. It’s narrow and steep, with sections up to 11%. It’s a winding road with one lane sections and 15mph speed limit. During the summer, this area can be brutally hot. Most of this road is shaded by trees and the huge cracks and potholes from prior years have been patched over. You might have also heard of Geyser’s Road due to its earthquake activity.

Is the Geysers Road paved?

Geysers Road—or simply “The Geysers,” as locals refer to it, is totally paved, with a few gravel sections. Be cautious. Washouts and landslides are a high risk and common hazard on this road. It can be slippery when wet or frosty.

Where does Geysers Road start and end?

Geysers Road starts off US-101, north of Preston and ends in CA-128 road, south of Geyserville. One of the most scenic parts of the drive is the famous Geysers Road Bridge. It’s a gorgeous old iron bridge, originally erected in 1909 and relocated here in 1937.



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