Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway, an iconic road in Utah

Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway (Utah State Road 148) is a high mountain road located in Iron County, in southwestern Utah, United States. The upper rim of Cedar Breaks rises to 3.236m (10,616ft) above the sea level. It’sone of the highest roads of Utah.

Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway

Is the Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway paved?

Located within the Cedar Breaks National Monument, this high mountain road is totally paved with an elevation gain from 9,900 feet to 10,600 feet. It remains open to vehicular traffic until snow and heavy drifting occur, normally anywhere from late October to early December, and opens in late May, weather permitting.

How long is the Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway?

The road is 9.65km (6 miles) long, running south-north from State Route 14 in Cedar Canyon to U-143. The road was built in 1985. The road includes some steep sections (up to 4%). Traffic is constant and slow-moving. The speed limit through the monument is 30 miles per hour.

How long does it take to drive the Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway?

Plan 11 minutes without any stop. The drive is definitely worth it. Don't forget your camera with lots of film/memory and fully charged batteries! The road includes several overlooks and highlights the scenery of the Dixie National Forest and the multi-colored rock amphitheater of Cedar Breaks National Monument.