The road to Alma, the highest town in North America

Located in Park County, Colorado, United States, Alma is the highest incorporated town in North America at an elevation of 3.224m (10,578ft) above the sea level. It’s one of the highest towns accessible by car on Earth.


The road to the mountain town is totally paved. It’s called State Highway 9. It’s asphalted. It has a well-deserved reputation for being dangerous because of unpredictable snowstorms and blizzards, and driving under these conditions, can be extremely challenging. There are a few places to eat and stay in Alma.

Located along Route 9, north of Fairplay and south of Hoosier Pass, Alma's climate is subarctic. The town lies in one of the most important mining areas. The road to the town runs north-south from Breckenridge, a town at the base of the Rocky Mountains’ Tenmile Range to Fairplay, the county seat of Park County.