Seven Mile Bridge is featured in some of Hollywood’s blockbusters

Located in the US state of Florida, the Seven Mile Bridge is an iconic bridge in the Florida Keys. This 7 mile long and 65 feet high bridge links Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key and has been featured in countless films and television series. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Seven Mile Bridge

Why is the Seven Mile Bridge famous?

The bridge links Knight's Key (in the Middle Keys) and Little Duck Key (Lower Keys). It's part of the scenic Overseas Highway. It’s a 2-lane bridge causeway -one lane each way. Stretching out into the open sea, it’s one of the longest bridges in the world. For good reason too, it makes a spectacular landmark as it stretches out over the blue sea below.

When was the Seven Mile Bridge built?

Construction of the original Seven Mile Bridge began in 1909 as part of Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway, which aimed to connect mainland Florida to Key West. Completed in 1912, the bridge was originally a railroad bridge, serving as a crucial link in the Florida East Coast Railway. However, following the devastating Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, which severely damaged the railway, the bridge was converted for vehicular use. In the 1980s, a new parallel bridge was constructed to accommodate the increasing traffic demands and to improve safety. The original Seven Mile Bridge was then closed to vehicular traffic but remains open as a pedestrian and cycling pathway, offering spectacular views of the surrounding turquoise waters.

How scary is the Seven Mile Bridge?

It’s certainly breathtaking and it has a fearsome reputation. The bridge itself doesn’t seem that scary. But its position in the Florida Keys makes it a prime target for the region’s many hurricanes. In fact, the current bridge is the second iteration. The newer bridge scrapped the swing span concept of the original in lieu of a sturdier 65-foot-high arch to allow boats to pass by. While it may be sturdier, we still wouldn’t want to be on it during a storm. 

Where were the movies License to Kill, True Lies, The Haunted Mansion, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Mission Impossible III, I Am Number Four, and Leverage filmed?

It’s quite a famous bridge having appeared in a lot of movies, with a starring role in action thrillers like Licence to Kill, True Lies, The Haunted Mansion, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Mission Impossible III, I Am Number Four and Leverage. The Florida Keys’ Seven Mile Bridge looks as impressive on film as it does in real life.