The Mysterious Light of Saratoga on the haunted Ghost Road Scenic Drive of Texas

Located in Hardin County, in the U.S. state of Texas, Bragg Road (aka Ghost Road Scenic Drive) is the name of a haunted road. This dark, unpaved road outside of Saratoga is pure legend.

Ghost Road Scenic Drive

Where is Ghost Road Scenic Drive?

The road is located 75 miles to the northeast of Pasadena, in the Big Thicket, in Hardin County Park, deep in the heart of the southeastern part of Texas. It’s said to be Texas’ most haunted road.

What is the Light of Saratoga?

The name Ghost Road was attached in this century (since the early 1900s) after a number of tales that center around a ghostly light (The Light of Saratoga) that is said to be seen on certain occasions at night. Lights are more active in the early evening. The mysterious lights appear and disappear at random during the dark of night without explanation. According to local legend, the light on Bragg Road is the ghostly lantern of an unfortunate railroad employee. Decapitated in a wreck, his spirit now walks the road nightly, eternally searching for his head. The Light of Saratoga has been witnessed by multitudes of people along the dirt path. Drivers on this road say they’ve spotted the mysterious lights that randomly turn on and off throughout the night. It’s also known as the "Ghost Road" of Saratoga, the "Saratoga Light", and "Bragg Road Ghost Light".

When was the Ghost Road Scenic Drive in Texas built?

This dead-straight stretch of road was formally the site of a railroad track, which formed part of the Santa Fe line from Bragg Station to Saratoga. It was created in 1901, and after the railroad became obsolete in 1934, the lines were removed, but so useful was the track that it became a link road for cars and trucks moving to and from Saratoga. This former railroad bed is now 2 cars wide. Its original name was Bragg Road, named after the town that was in that area at one time.

Is the Ghost Road Scenic Drive in Texas unpaved?

This isolated road is unpaved, dry, and dusty, but straight as a pencil. It can be muddy after heavy rains. Traffic is sparse, but be vigilant for passing cars, especially in the dark.

How long is the Ghost Road Scenic Drive in Texas?

The road is 12.55km (7.8 miles) long, running north-south from Farm-to-Market Road 1293, near Bragg, a ghost town in Hardin County, to Farm-to-Market Road 787, near Saratoga. Like most roads on this site, it's easy to get into a car accident if you're not driving carefully.