Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive in CO: you're literally on a little strip of roadway on top of mountain

Skyline Drive is one of the Colorado’s hidden gems. It’s a one-way, narrow road, precipice at all times on one side or the other or both sides. Be aware that this drive is not for timid drivers or those afraid of heights. Its panoramic views of Cañon City and the Arkansas River Valley are awesome.

How long is Skyline Drive in CO?

Located in Cañon City, in Fremont County, the Skyline Drive is totally paved. It's 4.1km (2.6 miles) long. It’s a short scenic drive across a razorback ridge in Cañon City.

When was the Skyline Drive in Colorado built?

This single-lane road atop a knife-edge hilltop above Cañon City was built in 1905 by inmates from the nearby prison to give residents and visitors alike unparalleled views of the city. 60 inmates of the Territorial Prison began work on the road under the direction of Warden John Cleghorn. For every month the convicts worked on the road, they were awarded 10 days off of their sentence. Funding for the project was provided by the project’s committee, which raised more than $2,000 for the effort.

Is the Skyline Drive in Colorado dangerous?

Exercise extreme caution when passing on-coming traffic, over-taking and around corners. Drive with your headlights on at all times as it is easier for oncoming vehicles to see you. At the juncture of US Highway 50 and Skyline Drive, visitors will pick up the one way road. The entrance is about 3 miles west of Cañon City proper. Skyline is not for those who have never experienced a high road with cliff edges. It can be quite thrilling for those who seek adventure. Along the way you'll drive your passenger car on a road that ascends and follows the top of a high razorback ridge overlooking Cañon City. This road is quite narrow and the drop offs are a bit intimidating on each side. It provides some good views. This a very steep drive with only enough room for one car to go up. There is no turning around if you change you mind. The surface of the road is asphalt. Take it slow and pay attention. There are no guard rails and at some points it slopes down on both sides. You are literally on a little strip of roadway on top of mountain. Dinosaur footprints were discovered along it in 2001. You can see a series of Cretaceous Ankylosaur tracks made by a group of dinosaurs walking side-by-side through mud. 



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