The scenic yet remote Kimsey Mountain Highway in TN

Kimsey Mountain Highway is a scenic drive through a truly remote region of wilderness, located in Polk County, in the U.S. state of Tennessee.

Kimsey Mountain Highway

Is the Kimsey Mountain Highway in TN paved?

Located in the southeastern corner of Tennessee, the road, also known as Forest Service road 68, is totally unpaved. It’s a single track Jeep road with passing turnouts. It is a long slow drive from end-to-end but offers a unique view of the forest. Since it runs close to the top of the ridge it offers many good views.

When was Kimsey Mountain Highway in TN built?

The road was built almost a century ago. It has never been paved and is believed to be more or less in a similar condition to when it was first opened. Set high in the Southern Appalachians, the road tops out at 936m (3,070ft) above the sea level. It can be blocked by large trees that had fallen across the road. Washouts are common and better bring a chainsaw just in case.

How long is the Kimsey Mountain Highway in Tennessee?

Tucked away within the Cherokee National Forest, the road is 26.71km (16.6 miles) long, running west-east from TN-30 to TN-68.
Pic&video: George Curran