Discover Port Mahon Road, a Coastal Drive in Delaware

Located at the mouth of the Mahon River, Port Mahon Road in Kent County, in the US state of Delaware, offers a drive through a coastal area perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

Port Mahon Road

Is Port Mahon Road in Delaware paved?

The road is mostly unpaved, with some sections covered in broken asphalt. Near the end, large potholes are common. Storms often damage the road, and heavy rainfall can cause flooding during high tide. Despite these conditions, most standard passenger vehicles can navigate it.

How long is Port Mahon Road?

Port Mahon Road is 5.95 km (3.7 miles) long. It starts from Little Creek (Delaware Route 9) and leads to an old fish factory and piers, remnants of a once-busy port.

Is Port Mahon Road worth it?

Port Mahon Road offers amenities like parking and a boat ramp. It's known as one of Delaware's top birding spots. In late May, you can see horseshoe crabs spawning and migratory shorebirds. The road also offers views of rails, marsh sparrows, and raptors, especially in winter.