Discover Port Mahon Road in Delaware: A Coastal Drive for Close-Up Wildlife Encounters

Nestled at the mouth of the Mahon River, Port Mahon Road offers a picturesque drive through Kent County in the US state of Delaware. This coastal route is an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts looking to experience nature up close.

Port Mahon Road

Is Port Mahon Road in Delaware paved?

Primarily, the road boasts an unpaved surface, with portions covered in broken asphalt that has seen better days. As you approach the end, be wary of massive potholes. Nature's fury leaves its mark here, as storm surges annually damage the route. If there's been recent heavy rainfall, exercise caution: sections of the road are prone to flooding during high tide. Despite these challenges, most standard passenger vehicles can navigate this road. 

How long is Port Mahon Road?

Spanning 5.95 km (3.7 miles), Port Mahon Road stretches from Little Creek (Delaware Route 9) and leads you to remnants of a bygone era—an old fish factory and adjacent piers. These relics once served as a bustling port for the town, standing as silent witnesses to the bay's rich history.

Is Port Mahon Road worth it?

Beyond its scenic allure, Port Mahon Road offers practical amenities like ample parking and a boat ramp. But what truly sets it apart is its reputation as one of Delaware's premier birding locations. Time your visit for late May, and you might witness the captivating sight of horseshoe crabs spawning, accompanied by a migratory dance of shorebirds. The road is also renowned for offering glimpses of rails, marsh sparrows, and raptors, especially during winter.