Schnebly Hill Road

Schnebly Hill Road is an amusement ride in Sedona

Located in Coconino county, in the US state of Arizona, Schnebly Hill Road is one of the most well-known and scenic routes in the Sedona area, with twists and turns, steep cliffs, wash out areas and great views from the pull off spots.

How long is Schnebly Hill Road in Arizona?

The road is also known as FS Road 153. It’s 19.31km (12 mile) long and runs west-east from Road AZ-179 (south of Sedona) to Road Interstate-17.

How long it takes to drive Schnebly Hill Road?

The road is pretty scenic. Allow for about an hour to drive it at a decent pace. It’s one of the premier drives in Arizona. Along the way, narrow turnouts provide an opportunity for travelers to marvel at the unfolding landscape. Schnebly Hill Vista, at 6,000 feet, overlooks the Verde Valley and Sedona below the summit, Steamboat Rock at the mouth of Oak Creek, and the mineral-rich Mingus Mountains to the west. The views from the back of Sedona are awesome, and the view from the top of the trail can't be beat. The overlook at the top of the road provides on of the most spectacular views in Arizona. It's especially good in the early morning when the sun is at your back, making it worthwhile to get up for sunrise and endure the very rough drive.

Is Schnebly Hill Road open?

Tucked away on the northern part of Arizona, the road tops out at 1.986m (6,515ft) above the sea level. It is closed in the winter.

Is Schnebly Hill Road dangerous?

It features some paved parts at the beginning and near the end. In the middle section it gets really rough with a few turns. The road is dirt, steep and bumpy. High clearance vehicle required but four wheel drive strongly recommended. The drive is a steep, twisty, unpaved and wonderfully scenic route that drops more than 2,000 feet from a wooded mesa into the wonderland of Sedona. Most SUVs are not high enough. The road is very bumpy and not meant for average cars. Not for the faint of heart. It’s some what like an amusement ride. The road is rock face in most places with some drop-offs.
Pic: Pablo Pak