Route 666

Travelling through the haunted Route 666, the Devil's Highway

Route 666, also known as "The Devil's Highway", the "Highway to Hell" or "Satan's Highway" is a lonely, deserted stretch of road meandering through almost 200 miles of rugged, sweeping desert wilderness, with a long history of accidents and apparitions.

Where does Route 666 start and end?

The road is totally paved and spans through 4 states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. It’s 321km (200 miles) long, and runs from the city of Monticello (Utah) to the city of Gallup (New Mexico) through Navajo Nation and Shiprock, and across the Colorado Border. It has been hailed as one of the most haunted places in America, with a long, bizarre history of all manner of weirdness, bad luck, inexplicable accidents, ghosts, apparitions, spectres, and various other unexplained phenomena.

Is there a real Route 666?

Tucked away in the western United States, the highway was renamed US Route 491 in 2003, because in the book of Revelations, “666” symbolizes ‘the mark of the beast,’ a prophesied anti-Christ. The road features a pretty spooky reputation and some of the strange activity witnessed are: a haunted truck, the girl in the white dress, weird lights, hell hounds, disappearing drivers, the Skin Walkers or Satan’s sedan.


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