Holland Road

Holland Road is haunted by a girl that was hit by a car while riding her horse

Located in Bremerton, in Kitsap County, in the U.S. state of Washington, Holland Road is the name of a road supposedly haunted by a girl that was hit by a car while riding her horse.

Tucked away in the northwestern quadrant of the state, the road is totally paved. Locals claim the road is haunted because of the death of a young girl who was riding her horse, or, according to some stories, because the death of an old man who was getting the mail. In both stories, the deaths occurred due to a drunk driver. The story behind the ghosts on is a bit cloudy and no one story is considered to be more true than another.

The road is 1.60km (1 mile) long, running north-south from Central Valley Road to Tracyton Blvd. Some people have seen strange shapes moving around. The little girl seems to love to appear on foggy nights.



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