The haunted Irwin Road in Pennsylvania is covered by a low-hanging blue mist

Located in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in North Park, Irwin Road is said to be haunted by a low-hanging blue mist and famous for various reports of paranormal activity and eerie encounters along its length.

Irwin Road

Where is Irwin Road?

The road is located to the east of Wexford, a suburb of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, in Allegheny County, in the western part of Pennsylvania.

How long is Irwin Road in PA?

The road is 3.70km (2.3 miles) long, running north-south from Wexford Road to Babcock Boulevard. It’s mostly paved, with an unpaved central section, closed to private vehicles. The road is unlit, with an unpaved lane dotted with some scattered homes along it and used by runners especially.

Why is as Blue Mist Road in PA famous?

It’s one of the most enduring urban legends in the Pittsburgh region. The road is also known as Blue Mist Road because of an eerie blue mist that covers the road from time to time. There's a cemetery on this street. It has “road closed - no access” signs posted at both ends of the three-mile street. Along this unpaved road are only a few houses and some abandoned structures. Local stories of murders, mysterious floating blue orbs, lynchings, and people being chased by ghosts and strange animals seem pretty easy to believe on a stretch of desolate road in the middle of a big, busy, and well-maintained county park.

When did the legend of Irwin Road start?

The road has been found to be the most haunted road (or reputedly so) in Pennsylvania, with drivers reporting all sorts of strange goings-on that have left them spooked. Despite its haunted reputation, the exact origins of the paranormal activity associated with Irwin Road remain unclear, adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding this eerie stretch of highway.