Driving the haunted Crawford Road in Virginia

Crawford Road is said to be one of the most haunted roads in the US state of Virginia, a source of local haunting lore for decades. Many people have reported hearing the ghostly sounds of a battle as well as sighting spectral soldiers in the area.

Crawford Road

Where is Crawford Road?

The road is located to the east of Richmond, in York County, in the southeastern part of Virginia.

How long is Crawford Road in Virginia?

The road, also known as Road 637, is 5.79km (3.6 miles) long, running from Goosley Road to Yorktown Road. The most well-known claim is of the bride-to-be ghost that apparently killed herself on her wedding day. Legend has it that an unhappy bride ran away from the altar years ago and hanged herself from the bridge, nicknamed the "Crybaby Bridge". Apparently, under the right conditions, you can still see her ghost tumbling off the bridge, only to disappear before it reaches the ground. Today, people driving on the road claim to have seen the ghost of a bride there through their rear-view mirror, either about to jump or hanging from the bridge. Several accounts report a connection between the area and the KKK as well.

Is Crawford Road in Virginia haunted?

The road is totally paved. It's a winding, dark, heavily shaded country road with room for only one car at a time, and no street lights. The haunted Crybaby Bridge on the road is where most of the tales revolve around. It’s said that if you drive under the bridge, turn your car off and the lights, you will hear voices, and angry dead slaves will be hanging from the bridge and trees, and you will be paranormally (if that's a word) "attacked" somehow.

How busy is Crawford Road in Virginia?

The area is pretty remote and lonely: if your car breaks down and you are by yourself, you're going to have a problem getting help. It may be hours before anyone drives down there. It’s not recommended to drive down Crawford Road at night.