Katy Freeway in Texas is one of the widest highways in the world

Located in Houston, Texas, in the Southern United States, Katy Freeway is one of the widest freeways in the world. The road was widened in 2008 to as many as 26 total lanes.

Katy Freeway

Is Katy Freeway in TX paved?

The road is entirely paved. It’s part of the I-10 west of Houston, and its annual average daily traffic is more than 219,000 vehicles. The road links the western suburb of Katy and downtown. Interstate 10 expands across a 23-mile stretch from its intersection with Interstate 610 to the city of Katy (where the highway gets its name).

How many lanes does Katy Freeway have?

The road was built in the 1960s and has 26 lanes: 12 main lanes (six in each direction), eight lanes of access roads, and six managed lanes. After its construction, the highway underwent numerous expansions and improvements over the years to accommodate the city's rapid growth. The most notable transformation occurred between 2008 and 2011 when it was significantly widened to reach its current impressive width. Spanning across 26 lanes, it is one of the widest highways in the United States. Since the construction of the West Loop Freeway north of the West Loop is over, the West Loop has 28 lanes at the intersection of Hempstead Road. If you're involved in a serious car accident on Katy Freeway, contact a car accident lawyer in Houston.
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