Avon Bridge

Crossing the haunted Avon Bridge in Indiana

Avon Bridge is a triple-arch railroad trestle spanning a rural road in Avon, in Central Indiana, USA. It is said if you wander at night near the old bridge over White Lick Creek, you may hear the screams and moans of the ghost of Avon's Haunted Bridge. And on hot summer days you can see the ghost's tears on the concrete of the bridge.

The bridge is located a short distance west of Indianapolis. It was built in 1906 off County Road 625 East, about a half mile south of U.S. 36 for the Big Four Railroad. The legend says that a mother was walking with her baby on the tracks when they fell to their deaths. Locals would say every time you drove under the bridge you had to honk to drown out the sound of the ghost of the mother’s wails. Some locals still honk today.

The surface of the road below the bridge is paved. The bridge, built in 1906-1907, is about 300 feet long and 70 feet high. Different rumors abound, but in general, the people of Avon have agreed that if you go near the old bridge at night, you will hear a moaning, discontented ghost, or maybe two or three of them. And if you cross the bridge on a hot summer day, you may see the ghost’s tears on it.


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