Archer Avenue is one of the most haunted roads in the Chicago area

Archer Avenue is probably one of the most haunted areas in all of the Chicago area, in the USA. Along this route, there are a number of locations that boast more than their share of ghosts. The paranormal activity on the roadway seems to be anchored at both ends by cemeteries, both of which have their own ghost stories.

Archer Avenue

Where is Archer Avenue?

The avenue is located to the east of Lemont, in Cook County, in the northeastern part of Illinois. The road is paved and weaves its way through forests, lakes, and multiple cemeteries, all with their terrifying tales.

What’s the legend of Archer Avenue?

The most haunted part of the road is located between Resurrection Cemetery and St. James-Sag Church. Ghostly monks haunt the areas around St. James-Sag, the “Gray Baby” lurks at Sacred Heart Cemetery, and phantom horse riders cross the street at nearby 95th & Kean, but perhaps none of the supernatural tales is as well-known as that of Resurrection Mary.

What’s Resurrection Mary?

One of the most famous tales associated with Archer Avenue is the legend of Resurrection Mary, a ghostly apparition said to hitchhike along the road near Resurrection Cemetery. According to the legend, Resurrection Mary is the ghost of a young woman who was killed in a car accident while returning home from a dance at the O'Henry Ballroom, now known as the Willowbrook Ballroom. It's said that she appears on the side of the road, dressed in a white dress, and vanishes after asking for a ride. In addition to the Resurrection Mary legend, Archer Avenue has other stories of paranormal activity and hauntings. Some people claim to have seen phantom vehicles or experienced strange occurrences while driving along the road.