The haunted Moonville Tunnel in Ohio is steeped in ghostly lore

Moonville Tunnel is located deep in the backwoods of Vinton County, in southeastern Ohio, USA. The ghost of a drunken man who was murdered near the tunnel is said to walk above the tunnel and toss pebbles at those below.

Moonville Tunnel

Moonville Tunnel was once part of the Marietta Cincinnati railroad. It’s quite remote and surrounded by a think forest of trees and brush. The major story is that someone--an engineer, a conductor, a brakeman, a signalman?--was crushed under the wheels of the train that used to go through the place. Locals say that on dark nights, an old railway brakeman stands near the entrance of the tunnel waiting for the next train to pass. Countless people have witnessed the old man, dressed like an engineer, who stands in the shadows, holding his lantern. The sighting is so common, in fact, that it's been photographed and filmed numerous times.
Pic: Harold McCall