Adventure along Forest Highway 10 in Alaska

Forest Highway 10 is a very scenic drive in the U.S. state of Alaska, between the town of Yakutat and Harlequin Lake.

Forest Highway 10

How long is the Forest Highway 10 in Alaska?

Isolated among the lowlands along the Gulf of Alaska, the road is also known as Alsek Road and Dangerous River Road. It’s 47.31km (29.4 miles) long, stretching from Yakutat to the Dangerous River, crossing the famous Situk River at the Nine Mile Bridge (a popular fishing spot). After the road narrows around mile 26, it crosses the Dangerous River at mile 28.3. The road dead-ends about 0.1 mile ahead.

Is the Forest Highway 10 paved?

Located in the Tongass National Forest, be prepared for wet and chilly weather and a backcountry experience. The road is mostly unpaved. It starts off paved in Yakutat and then is a good unpaved road for most of its length. Expect washboards, ruts, and loose gravel; it is a good idea to have a spare tire and let someone know when to expect your return. Drivers may pull over at nearly any point along the road. Beyond mile 1.5, the road is not maintained during the winter, which in Yakutat lasts around six months. Be cautious of bears in the area.
Pic: MoMo Tac