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Highest roads of California

Located on the western coast of North America, California is geographically very diverse. It’s the third largest state in the US and is known for its dramatic terrain encompassing cliff-lined beaches. But the eastern part of the state is dotted with a number of rugged mountain ranges. It contains a large number of peaks measuring over 13,000ft (3.962m), all of them covered in snow throughout the winter months.

Highest roads of California:   

Mountain passElevationCountySurface
White Mountain Peak4.344m (14,252ft)Mono CountyGravel
Barcroft Field Station3.800m (12,470ft)Mono CountyGravel
Sheep Mountain3.626m (11,896ft)Mono CountyGravel
Mount Morgan3.619m (11,873ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Mount Patterson3.551m (11,650ft)Mono CountyGravel
Coyote Ridge3.492m (11,456ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Rocky Bottom Lake3.368m (11,049ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Mammoth Mountain3.364m (11,036ft)Madera CountyGravel
Dunderberg Peak3.348m (10,984ft)Mono CountyGravel
Silver Peak3.311m (10,862ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Big Sam3.298m (10,820ft)Tuolumne CountyGravel
Campito Mountain3.294m (10,807ft)Mono CountyGravel
Round Mountain3.216m (10,551ft)Inyo CountyGravel
McGee Mountain3.204m (10,511ft)Mono CountyGravel
Baker Creek Meadow3.185m (10,449ft)Inyo CountyGravel
County Line Hill3.173m (10,410ft)Mono CountyGravel
Rock Creek Road3.145m (10,320ft)Inyo CountyAsphalt
Deadman Pass3.129m (10,265ft)Madera CountyGravel
Mount Givens3.091m (10,141ft)Fresno CountyGravel
Crooked Creek Stn.3.090m (10,150ft)Mono CountyGravel
Saddlebag Lake3.090m (10,137ft)Mono CountyGravel
Horseshoe Meadow3.070m (10,072ft)Inyo CountyAsphalt
Upper Summers M.3.068m (10,065ft)Mono CountyGravel
Laurel Lake3.065m (10,058ft)Mono CountyGravel
Coyote Flat3.061m (10,042ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Rogers Peak3.049m (10,003ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Monument Peak3.040m (9,973ft)El Dorado CountyGravel
Potato Peak3.035m (9,957ft)Mono CountyGravel
Tioga Pass3.031m (9,943ft) Mono CountyAsphalt
Mount Patterson radio3.027m (9,931ft)Mono CountyGravel
Summit Drive3.000m (9,842ft)Mono CountyAsphalt/Gravel
South Lake2.999m (9,839ft)Inyo CountyAsphalt
Virginia Lakes2.993m (9,819ft)Mono CountyAsphalt
White Bark Vista2.993m (9,819ft)Fresno CountyGravel
Leavitt Lake2.983m (9,786ft)Mono CountyGravel
Station Peak2.967m (9,734ft)Mono CountyGravel
Hawkins Peak2.953m (9,688ft)Alpine CountyGravel
Sonora Pass 2.933m (9,624ft) Mono CountyAsphalt
Swamp Lake2.929m (9,609ft)Fresno CountyGravel
East Peak2.893m (9,491ft)El Dorado CountyGravel
Iron Mountain2.892m (9,488ft)Inyo CountyGravel
Mazuorka Peak2.870m (9,416ft)Inyo CountyGravel
North Lake road2.854m (9,363ft)Inyo CountyAsphalt/Gravel
Bald Mountain
2.847m (9,339ft)Tulare CountyGravel
Bodie Masonic Road2.831m (9,288ft)Mono CountyGravel
Lobdell Lake2.827m (9,274ft)Mono CountyGravel
Masonic Mountain2.812m (9,225 ft)Mono CountyGravel
Onion Valley Road2.805m (9,202ft)Inyo CountyAsphalt
Kaiser Pass2.803m (9,196ft)Fresno CountyAsphalt
Sherman Pass 2.800m (9,200ft)Tulare CountyAsphalt
Minaret Summit 2.797m (9,175ft)Madera CountyAsphalt
Lake Sabrina2.796m (9,173ft)Inyo CountyAsphalt
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