Mirror Lake Highway (U-150)

Mirror Lake Highway (U-150): The Ultimate Road Trip Guide

Mirror Lake Highway (State Route 150) is a very scenic mountain road running from Kamas (in Utah) to Evanston (in Wyoming). It’s a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

How long is the Mirror Lake Highway?

Mirror Lake Highway, also known as State Route 150, is totally paved. It’s 124.24km (77.2 miles) long, heading east from Kamas (in southwestern Summit County) to Evanston (the county seat of Uinta County). It was built in 1933. The drive, also known as Mirror Lake Highway scenic drive, is 56 miles in northern Utah and 18 miles in southwestern Wyoming.

Is the Mirror Lake Highway closed?

Running through the western portion of the Uinta Mountains, the road tops out at 3.272m (10,734ft) at Bald Mountain Pass. At this elevation is said to be Utah's highest paved road. The road is usually open from Memorial Day weekend to early November, depending on the weather. The highway is closed from the Soapstone Campground, 15 miles past Kamas, to the East Fork Campground, 33 miles from Evanston, Wyoming.

Is the Mirror Lake Highway worth it?

Tucked away within the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, it is one of the most popular mountainous driving routes in both states. Plan 2 hours to complete the drive without any stop. Make sure you leave enough time to make plenty of stops along the way because the road winds through farm and ranch lands and rises to heavily forested, mountain terrain, accented by meadows and rugged peaks. There are numerous access points into the High Uinta Wilderness along this byway. It is named for Mirror Lake, a picturesque lake that the highway passes along the way.