Eisenhower Tunnel is one of the highest tunnels in the world

Located on the boundary between Summit and Clear Creek counties, in the U.S. state of Colorado, the famous Eisenhower Tunnel is one of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world, at 3,401m (11,158ft) above sea level.

Eisenhower Tunnel

Why is the Eisenhower Tunnel famous?

The pair of tunnels separates Clear Creek County and Summit County. Officially designated the Eisenhower–Edwin C. Johnson Memorial Tunnel, it was originally going to be called the Straight Creek Tunnel. Building the tunnels through the Continental Divide was tough. Seven workers died during construction, and many dozens suffered amputations or other life-changing injuries. When originally opened in the 1970s, the tunnel was not only the highest vehicular tunnel in the US, but at that time it was also the highest in the world.

When was the Eisenhower Tunnel built?

Set high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, within the Arapaho National Forest, about 60 miles west of Denver, the tunnel (EJMT) carries the paved Interstate 70. The westbound tunnel is called the Eisenhower Memorial Bore. It’s 1.693 mi (2.72 km) long. Construction started on March 15, 1958, and was completed on March 8, 1973. The eastbound tunnel is called the Edwin C. Johnson Bore. It’s 1.697 mi (2.73 km) long. Construction started on August 18, 1975, and was completed on December 21, 1979.

How long does it take to drive through the Eisenhower Tunnel?

Some 10 million vehicles drive through the tunnel each year. Weekends and holidays have the highest traffic volume. A drive through the tunnels takes about five minutes, while a trip over Loveland Pass can still take more than an hour. Traveling through the tunnels, the public saves 9.1 miles by not having to travel over U.S. Highway 6, Loveland Pass. The air quality is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a control room by two to three tunnel employees at all times. The approach grades are steep, being 7 percent on the west approach and 6 percent on the east approach. Hazardous material vehicles are not allowed through the tunnel unless Loveland Pass is closed.

Is the Eisenhower Tunnel the highest vehicular tunnel in the world?

The Eisenhower–Edwin C. Johnson Memorial Tunnel is NOT the highest vehicular tunnel in the world as some websites state. Check here the highest tunnels in the world.