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Highest roads of Colorado

Located in the western United States, Colorado is notable for its diverse geography, from vast prairie grasslands to the majestic mountains, rushing rivers to desert landscapes. It’s classified as one of the mountain states, located in the Rocky upland part of the USA. Colorado is unlike anywhere else, ranging from alpine mountains, arid plains and deserts with huge sand dunes, deep canyons, sandstone and granite rock formations, rivers, lakes and lush forests.


List of the highest mountain roads in Colorado:

Mount BrossPark County4.321m (14,178ft)Gravel
Mount Evans BywayClear Creek County4.310m (14,130ft)Asphalt
Pikes Peak HighwayEl Paso County 4.302m (14,115ft)Asphalt
Mount LincolnPark County 4.222m (13,854ft)Gravel
Mount AnteroChaffee County4.189m (13,743ft)Gravel
Kuss PeakLake County 4.136m (13,569ft)Gravel
Mosquito PeakLake County 4.127m (13,540ft)Gravel
Peak 10Summit County 4.082m (13,392ft)Gravel
Boulder MountainChaffee County 4.035m (13,238ft)Gravel
Hurricane passSan Juan County 4.034m (13,238ft)Gravel
Sunnyside SaddleSan Juan County4.030m (13,221ft)Gravel
Bennett PeakRio Grande County 4.026m (13,209ft)Gravel
Mosquito PassLake County 4.026m (13,209ft)Gravel
Argentine PassSummit County 4.025m (13,207ft)Gravel 
Mount SheridanPark County 4.021m (13,192ft)Gravel
Bartlett MountainChaffee County 4.013m (13,167ft)Gravel
Quail MountainChaffee County 4.013m (13,167ft)Gravel
Sant Fe PeakSummit County 4.008m (13,149ft)Gravel
Imogene PassOuray County 3.997m (13,114ft)Gravel 
McClellan MountainClear Creek County 3.996m (13,110ft)Gravel
Kendall MountainSan Juan County3.981m (13,061ft)Gravel
Hermit PassCuster County 3.962m (13,047ft)Gravel
North Star MountainSummit County 3.960m (12,992ft)Gravel
County Road 36Hinsdale Count 3.952m (12,965ft)Gravel
Bald MountainSummit County3.952m (12,965ft)Gravel
Whale PeakSummit County 3.940m (12,926ft)Gravel
Brown MountainSan Juan County3.939m (12,923ft)Gravel
Poughkeepsie Pass San Juan County3.938m (12,919ft)Gravel 
Red Mountain No. 3San Juan County 3.932m (12,900ft)Gravel
Mount ChampionLake County 3.930m (12,893ft)Gravel
La Junta PeakSan Miguel County3.926m (12,880ft)Gravel
Casco PeakLake County 3.925m (12,877ft)Gravel
Halfmoon CreekLake County 3.915m (12,846ft)Gravel
Black Bear Pass San Miguel County 3.910m (12,840ft)Gravel 
Engineer Pass Ouray County 3.901m (12,800ft)Gravel  
Taylor MountainChaffee County 3.899m (12,791ft)Gravel
Malemute PeakPitkin County 3.899m (12,791ft)Gravel
Kendall MountainSan Juan County 3.895m (12,778ft)Gravel
Cave LakeChaffee County3.891m (12,765ft)Gravel
Hanson PeakSan Juan County3.890m (12,762ft)Gravel
Yvonne PassSan Juan County 3.886m (12,750ft)Gravel
Mount BuckskinPark County 3.881m (12,732ft)Gravel
Mount ShermanLake County 3.878m (12,723ft)Gravel
American Flag MtnGunnison County 3.878m (12,723ft)Gravel
Pearl Pass  Pitkin County 3.872m (12,705ft)Gravel  
Trinchera PeakCostilla County3.860m (12,664ft)Gravel  
Cinnamon Pass San Juan County 3.853m (12,640ft)Gravel  
Grayback MountainRio Grande County3.853m (12,640ft)Gravel
Trico PeakSan Miguel County 3.849m (12,627ft)Gravel
Radical HillSummit County 3.846m (12,618ft)Gravel
Mount EdwardsSummit County 3.844m (12,611ft)Gravel
Mount MammaChaffee County 3.842m (12,604ft)Gravel
Stony PassSan Juan County3.838m (12,592ft)Gravel
Revelation LiftSan Miguel County3.837m (12,588ft)Gravel
Bullion King LakeSan Juan County 3.832m (12,572ft)Gravel
Saint Sophia RidgeOuray County 3.829m (12,562ft)Gravel
Prospect MountainLake County 3.829m (12,562ft)Gravel
Whiskey PassCostilla County 3.825m (12,549ft)Gravel
Mount TwetoLake County 3.823m (12,542ft)Gravel
Antora PeakSaguache County 3.823m (12,542ft)Gravel
Lenawee LiftSummit County 3.818m (12,526ft)Gravel
Yankee Boy BasinOuray County 3.818m (12,526ft)Gravel
Jones MountainChaffee County 3.814m (12,513ft)Gravel
Colorado Mines Peak Clear Creek County3.812m (12,506ft)Gravel
Cement CreekGunnison County 3.798m (12,460ft)Gravel
Jones Pass Clear Creek County 3.796m (12,454ft)Gravel  
Glacier MountainSummit County 3.793m (12,444ft)Gravel
Meridian PeakEagle County 3.789m (12,432ft)Gravel
Fairview PeakGunnison County3.781m (12,404ft)Gravel
Houghton MountainSan Juan County3.781m (12,404ft)Gravel
Atlantic PeakSummit County 3.778m (12,395ft)Gravel
Hurricane BasinHinsdale County 3.776m (12,388ft)Gravel
Carson PassHinsdale County 3.772m (12,375ft)Gravel
Garfield PeakChaffee County 3.771m (12,372ft)Gravel
Mount WilcoxSummit County3.770m (12,368ft)Gravel
American BasinHinsdale County 3.769m (12,365ft)Gravel
North Twin Cone PeakPark County 3.759m (12,332ft)Gravel
Bonita PeakSan Juan County 3.759m (12,332ft)Gravel
Mount ZionLake County 3.757m (12,326ft)Gravel
Lake ComoSan Juan County 3.755m (12,319ft)Gravel
Copper MountainSummit County 3.755m (12,319ft)Gravel
Red MountainClear Creek County 3.754m (12,316ft)Gravel
Gold HillGunnison County3.752m (12,309ft)Gravel
Lake EmmaSan Juan County 3.741m (12,273ft)Gravel
Niwot Ridge TopBoulder County3.741m (12,273ft)Gravel
Richmond Hill RoadPitkin County 3.738m (12,265ft) Gravel
Ruby PeakGunnison County3.738m (12,265ft) Gravel
Blue LakeSan Miguel County3.728m (12,230ft)Gravel
Little Giant BasinSan Juan County 3.727m (12,227ft) Gravel
Blanca PeakAlamosa County 3.725m (12,222ft)Gravel
Golden Bear PeakClear Creek County 3.725m (12,221ft)Gravel
Revenue MountainClear Creek County 3.725m (12,221ft)Gravel
Hancock Pass Gunnison County 3.721m (12,208ft)Gravel  
Wilson PeakSan Miguel County 3.719m (12,201ft)Gravel
Trail RidgeLarimer County 3.719m (12,201ft)Asphalt
Lake WheelerPark County 3.717m (12,194ft)Gravel
Trail Ridge High Point Larimer County 3.713m (12,183ft)Asphalt 
Peak 8Summit County3.712m (12,178ft)Gravel
Tincup passGunnison County 3.704m (12,154ft) Gravel
Kite lakeSan Juan County 3.700m (12,139ft) Gravel
Forest Road 825San Juan County 3.700m (12,139ft) Gravel
Mount PrincetonChaffee County 3.699m (12,137ft)Gravel
Cottonwood Pass  Chaffee County 3.696m (12,126ft) Asphalt east 
Gravel west
London MountainPark County3.695m (12,122ft)Gravel
Webster PassSummit County 3.689m (12,103ft)Gravel
Independence PassPitkin County 3.692m (12,112ft) Asphalt
Gunsight PassGunnison County 3.692m (12,112ft)Gravel
Missouri HillChaffee County 3.684m (12,086ft)Gravel
Difficult PassGunnison County3.677m (12,063ft)Gravel
Keystone MountainSummit County 3.677m (12,063ft)Gravel
Lake PomeroyChaffee County3.672m (12,047ft)Gravel
Kingston PeakClear Creek County3.671m (12,043ft)Gravel
Kite LakePark County3.671m (12,043ft)Gravel
Napoleon PassGunnison County3.668m (12,034ft)Gravel
Cumberland Pass Gunnison County3.662m (12,015ft)Gravel  
Terrible MountainGunnison County3.662m (12,015ft)Gravel
Golden Bear PeakClear Creek County 3.725m (12,221ft)Gravel
Loveland Pass Summit County3.655m (11,992ft)Asphalt 
Clear LakeSan Juan County 3.653m (11,984ft)Gravel
Tomichi passChaffee County3.653m (11,984ft)Gravel
Heart LakeHinsdale County3.653m (11,984ft)Gravel
Imperial ExpressSummit County3.652m (11,981ft) Gravel
Resolution MountainEagle County3.638m (11,935ft)Gravel
Denver PassSan Juan County3.636m (11,930ft)Gravel
Taylor PassGunnison County3.636m (11,930ft)Gravel
Hagerman Pass Pitkin County3.635m (11,925ft)Gravel 
Weston Pass Park County3.633m (11,921ft)Gravel  
Forest Road 730Grand County3.630m (11,909ft)Gravel
Lake ClevelandLake County3.618m (11,870ft)Gravel
Lake IsabelleLake County3.619m (11,873ft)Gravel
Ruby MountainSummit County3.619m (11,873ft)Gravel
Iceberg Pass Larimer County 3.605m (11,827ft)Asphalt 


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