Kelly Road in Pennsylvania is one of America's most haunted roads

Located in Beaver County, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, a one-mile section of Kelly Road is the site of many ghost stories and local legends. It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

Kelly Road

Where is Kelly Road?

The road, situated in the western part of Beaver County, is north of Industry and near the Ohio border in western Pennsylvania.

How long is Kelly Road in PA?

The road is 2.57 km (1.6 miles) long, running north-south from Engle Road to Wolf Run Road through two stretches of dark woods. It’s totally paved.

Why is Kelly Road in PA famous for?

It is believed that this small portion of the road has a “bad aura,” causing people to lose their temper and become vicious and violent for no apparent reason. Reports in the area mention sudden behavior changes in animals, movements in the shadows, and strange sounds that seem to have no origin. And, if you’re not spooked enough, the road curves through thick and dark forest patches, so be aware.

When did the legend of Kelly Road in PA start?

Although there is no urban legend mentioning exactly what causes the bad aura, some believe that Native Americans cursed the road when the land was taken away from them in the 1700s. Some sources say that there was a little girl who lived on the road and was killed there in the '50s. The murder remains unsolved. Nowadays, there are rumors of rituals and cult activity occurring in the forests near Kelly Road, so we don’t recommend going there after sundown. The popular theory is that the supernatural occurrences are possibly linked to a curse placed on Mystery Mile by Native Americans, angry from the "White Man" taking their homes. Whatever the cause, after reaching the one-mile marker, the disturbances cease. Rumors of cult activity within the forest have only increased the legends surrounding this road.