Boy Scout Lane is one of the American Top Haunted Roads

Boy Scout Lane is a secluded street located in Portage County, in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. According to local legend, the street derives its name from a tragedy that occurred there several decades ago. It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

Boy Scout Lane

Where is Boy Scout Lane?

The road is situated west of the Wisconsin River Golf Club, in Linwood, to the west of Plover, in the central part of Wisconsin.

Why is it called Boy Scout Lane?

The area has been the focus of numerous supernatural inquiries and has attracted young people seeking paranormal encounters. It earned its name due to a sorrowful occurrence where a group of Boy Scouts lost their lives during a camping expedition in the 1950s or 60s.

What happened at Boy Scout Lane?

In certain versions, the perpetrator is the troop's Scoutmaster, while in others, it is their bus driver. Alternatively, some renditions of the tale depict a small group of Scouts wandering from their camp at night and accidentally causing a forest fire by dropping their lantern, resulting in the tragic demise of the entire troop. Diverse versions of the narrative also exist, including scenarios where the Scouts meet their end following a bus crash or an accidental fire. Another variation suggests that the Scouts mysteriously vanish without a trace and are never located. In some iterations, two Boy Scouts manage to escape the tragedy but perish in the woods due to starvation and/or exposure while attempting to seek assistance. Across most versions of the legend, it is believed that the deceased Scouts haunt the forest where the incident occurred, with reports of their spectral forms hiking through the underbrush or their ghostly lights visible at night as they search for help or their lost companions.

How long is Boy Scout Lane?

The remote small rural street, sometimes referred to as Boyscout Lane, is totally unpaved and runs through the woods, with little around it to recommend itself. It’s 786.54 m (2,580.51 ft) long. Despite the lack of factual basis, Boy Scout Lane has become a popular subject of folklore and has captured the imagination of many people interested in the supernatural. It serves as an example of how urban legends can persist and evolve over time, becoming ingrained in local folklore and perpetuated through storytelling and media. Many will still often wander down it, curious to see whether the stories connected to it are true. The land surrounding the street is now privately owned and is off limits to the general public.