Annie's Road in New Jersey is haunted by the ghost of a girl

Annie's Road is a small road located in Passaic County, in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It's a local favorite for paranormal enthusiasts and considered one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

Annie's Road

Where is Annie’s Road?

The road, also known as Annie's Road Ghost, is located in Totowa, a borough in Passaic County, to the west of Paterson in the northeastern part of New Jersey, on the west bank of the Passaic River.

Why is Annie’s Road famous?

The road, officially called Riverview Drive, is packed with paranormal activities experienced by many drivers and thrill-seekers throughout the past decades. It's said to be haunted and has caused disturbances and violent unrest in the formerly quiet town. Rumors of ghosts and apparitions have been reported on this road dating back to colonial days. Legend has it that a bride was killed on this road and that her spirit continues to make itself known to travelers. Some motorists have reported hearing screams, seeing mysterious fog, and experiencing interference in their phones and cameras.

What’s the Ghost of Annie’s Road?

According to legend, in the 1960s, a couple was driving down the road in Totowa when they got into a huge fight, leading the man to open the car door and throw off his partner. Alone, scared, and injured, the woman began wandering on the street only to be hit by a truck and die on the spot. Her dress got tangled in the car and she was dragged along the road, taking off her face. Ever since the accident, unexplainable stains of red paint appear on the road each year around the same date to mark Annie’s death. She is said to be looking for revenge and will stop at nothing once she spots a target. Many people report seeing her on the side of the road, as if hitchhiking. Her apparition is so clear that many travelers believe she is real until she disappears in front of their eyes.

How long is Annie’s Road?

The road is 20 miles (32 km) long and is totally paved. Aside from the gruesome story, keep an eye on the road as there is no cellphone reception in the area. An increased level of paranormal activity in the area has been noted, leading cameras to stop recording or show weird lights on the screen that cannot be seen with a clear eye. Perhaps it has something to do with Annie or the nearby cemetery, but you can never be too careful. Adding to the spookiness, the street borders Totowa's Laurel Grove Cemetery. Located just off Annie’s Road is a small cul-de-sac with some very small houses. For years there have been rumors of little enclaves where dwarfs live.