Zombie Road

Zombie Road is one of Missouri's most haunted places

Located in the City of Wildwood, in St. Louis County, in the US state of Missouri, Zombie Road is considered one of Missouri's most haunted places. It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

How long is Zombie Road in Missouri?

Tucked way on the eastern-central portion of Missouri, the road, also known as Lawler Ford Road, is 5.79km (3.6 miles) long, running through a valley of forest oak land hills. It ends near the Meramec River in the Glencoe. It was originally built in the late 1860s to provide access to the Meramec and the railroad tracks located along the river. When you decide to drive this road, remember to take a car cover so, in case you have troubles and have to leave your vehicle behind, it’ll be protected. After returning with the rescue team, thanks to the car cover, your vehicle will not be damaged at all.

Is Zombie Road in Missouri open?

Access to the road is closed at nights. It is available for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. This beautiful trail opens one half hour before sunrise and closes one half hour after sunset. It was once merely gravel and dirt and was paved at some point years ago, but it is now largely impassable by automobile. Nighttime visitors might be looking for spirits, but they're likely to find police, who have written a lot of tickets for trespassing on the trail after hours.

Why is Zombie Road in Missouri haunted? 

Located near the intersection of Highway 109 & Old State Road, it’s the site of one of the largest Native American burial mounds in the country. Legends that have been passed around for years tell of spectral American Indians and Confederate rebels, packs of child ghosts, and the tortured souls of working men killed in industrial accidents. It has quite a reputation as a place where shadowy figures and other non human entities have long been reported. It started to be referred to as Zombie Road as early as the 1950s. Once used by the Army during the Civil War, Zombie Road is a notoriously strange place.
Pic: http://www.paranormaltaskforce.com/zombiephotos2.html