Embarking on California's Historic Drive: The Old Coulterville 4x4 Trail Unveiled

Old Coulterville Road is a 4x4 scenic trail located in Mariposa County, in the U.S. state of California.

Old Coulterville Road

Where is the Old Coulterville Road?

Tucked away in mid-northern California, the trail is located within the Yosemite National Park, near Coulterville.

When was the Old Coulterville Road built?

The Old Coulterville Trail, commonly known as a road, was one of the first pathways into Yosemite and has a lot of history. This road was originally constructed as a free toll trail in 1857, around the same time as Big Oak Flat Road and just 2 years after the first tourist party visit to Yosemite Valley. It was made into a toll wagon road in 1870.

How long is the Old Coulterville Road in California?

The trail is 50.53km (31.4 mile) long. The narrow sections may force someone to yield the right of way when dealing with oncoming vehicles and being some of these portions are lengthy, once you’re committed, that’s it. Being uphill vehicles have the right of way, you might want to run it in the opposite direction and start at Bull Creek Road on the Coulterville side. Mostly easy dirt mountain road, but high clearance 4WD needed in some stretches. The road includes narrow sections and somewhat brushy portions along the route that can scratch the sides of wider vehicles. The trail intersects several other forest service roads, so it’s advisable to have a good forest service map to guide you along the correct path.

Is the Old Coulterville Road in California open?

The road is subject to seasonal closure and accessible from April until December. Plan around 3 hours to complete the drive. During wet weather, this is a road where you want to lock in the hubs so they are ready when needed. The Old Coulterville Trail is subject to a variety of weather conditions during spring and fall, so is strongly recommend inquiring about the status of the road before attempting to run it.

Do you need a 4x4 to complete the Old Coulterville Road?

After substantial rainfall, the trail might become untraversable, but mild rain in the typically dry autumn season usually isn't a significant issue for 4x4 vehicles. In dry conditions, even two-wheel-drive vehicles can navigate the trail, though deep ruts, if they exist, can be challenging.
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