Workman Creek Falls

The road to Workman Creek Falls in AZ is pure adventure

Workman Creek Falls is a nice 200 ft waterfall that you can visit right from your car, located in Gila County, in the U.S. state of Arizona. Approaching this location you'll pass some warning signs letting you know the area is high in radioactivity.

How to get to Workman Creek Falls?

Set high in the Tonto National Forest, the road to the waterfall is totally unpaved. It’s called Forest Service Road 487 (NF-487), also known as Workman Creek Road. Starting at Arizona 288-Globe Young Highway, the road is 5.14km (3.2 miles) long.

Is the road to Workman Creek Falls defiant?

Tucked away in the central part of Arizona, the drive should not be attempted without a high-clearance vehicle. The road is entirely unpaved and impassible when wet. The drive up to the falls is 2WD (in good weather), but after the bottom falls recreation area, it gets steep, narrow and scary for those afraid of heights. Loose ground material precede the edge of the cliffs and has led to people falling off in the past. The difficult section starts beyond the waterfalls, climbing up to 2.361m (7,746ft) above the sea level by Aztec Peak lookout. The last part of the climb is a single-track forest road, steep and a little rocky in segments. If the gate isn’t closed, you can drive all the way to the summit.

Is the road to Workman Creek Falls open?

This road above the Falls Recreation Site is usually closed annually from December 15 to March 31 (depending on snow). Located in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness, the area contains naturally occurring uranium and radium-266. There’s a danger of low level radiation poisoning. DO NOT enter any of the mines in the area. Many of these mines have radiation levels that would be enough to recommend that you "evacuate" the area.

Is the road to Workman Creek Falls in Arizona worth it?

The drive offers stunning views as the area is home to a great diversity of animals and plants, including many sensitive species. It is beautiful in every season.

Pic: John Gonzales


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