Driving the rough Wildrose Road in Death Valley

Wildrose Road is a very scenic drive located in Inyo County, in the U.S. state of California. The road is drivable by most of the vehicles.

Wildrose Road

Where is Wildrose Road?

The road is tucked away in the Panamint Valley, in Death Valley National Park, east of the Sierra Nevada, in the eastern central part of California.

Is Wildrose Road in California paved?

The road is mostly paved with a 2 mile section of graded gravel. RVs, trailers, and buses over 25 ft. or 9 feet wide are not allowed due to a narrow, winding road. Sedans should use caution on gravel.

How long is Wildrose Road in California?

The road is 15.44km (9.6 miles) long, running from Panamint Valley Road to Emigrant Canyon Road. This rugged and adventurous canyon drive can be seriously washed out and dangerous. Do not cross flowing water. Wait for it to go away - it will. Flowing water can wash your car away too. Avoid canyons during rain storms and be prepared to move to higher ground. While driving, be alert for water running in washes and across road dips.

Is Wildrose Road in California open?

The road is subject to closure and flooding after heavy rains. It's often closed in winter due to snow and ice. Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world, and climatic conditions in the park can be extreme, so be prepared.