Old Maverick Road is the easiest off-road road in Big Bend NP

Old Maverick Road is a scenic desert back road located in Brewster County, in the U.S. state of Texas. It’s said to be the easiest off-road road in Big Bend National Park.

Old Maverick Road

Can you drive Old Maverick Road Big Bend?

Tucked away on the west side of Big Bend National Park, the road is totally unpaved. It’s a maintained dirt road. This road is subject to high water and flooding following rainstorms and may be closed when conditions are dangerous. Some of the washes can become pretty rough after a rain. Be very careful if you do take a lower clearance vehicle, there are some rough spots and a couple of blind corners. If you're in an RV or a low-clearance car, don't even attempt it. Always stay on established roadways.

How long is Old Maverick Road in Big Bend National Park?

Located in the western part of Texas, the road is 20.27km (12.6 miles) long, running through the Terlingua Creek badlands on the west side of the park. The road links Maverick Junction and Santa Elena Canyon. The canyon is known for its breathtaking views and its amazing cliffs that rise up to 1,500 feet. 

How long does it take to drive the Old Maverick Road?

The drive is pretty scenic. Plan about 1 hour to complete the drive without any stop. However, the drive will take longer due its beauty. A few nice stops to see along with a little history. Be sure to take in the scenic views of the Terlingua Creek all along the route. The walls of the canyon reach over 1000 feet high and are visible from miles away. A number of historic sites are located near the road that you may visit as you gradually descend to the Rio Grande and Santa Elena.  At the end of the trail you should go to the observation and then the hiking trail to the Santa Elena Canyon.
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