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Cascade River Road

Cascade River Road is a short mountain road located in the North Cascades National Park, in Washington, USA. It’s 23 miles long.

The road starts in the North Cascades Highwayand ends in the Cascade Pass trailhead, at an elevation of 3,660 feet above the sea level. Road is paved to approx. mile 10, then gravel with some potholes and washboards, but generally drivable for low clearance vehicles. Not suitable for large RVs due to steep and narrow sections and some sharp switchbacks. Please drive slowly, road is narrow. After rain, even a single rainfall, conditions of the road can be challenging. Adverse weather conditions can prompt closure of the road. This road is vulnerable to washouts during periods of heavy rain, so be prepared, and move to safer ground if need be.The surface on this gravel road is often loose, especially along the sides of the road. It makes necessary to drive carefully and slow down whenever approaching an oncoming car. During late autumn, winter, and spring the road is gated at mile post 20 (Eldorado Creek), three miles before the road's end at the Cascade Pass trailhead. During this period the road is open below the gate as snow conditions permit.
Pic: Major Lee


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