Obstruction Point Road is Washington's scariest road

Located in Clallam County, in the U.S. state of Washington, Obstruction Point Road is said to be Washington's scariest road. Experienced drivers are the only ones who should attempt this route.

Obstruction Point Road

How long is Obstruction Point Road?

The well graded road is totally unpaved but navigable by all passenger vehicles. It’s narrow, with steep drop-offs in places. The road is 12.23km (7.6 miles) long running west-east from Hurricane Ridge to Obstruction Point Trailhead. The road comes to an end at a small parking area. It is a typical back country 1.5 lane road, so keep your eyes open and watch for the slightly wider points.

Is Obstruction Point Road in Washington dangerous?

The route is dangerous: it’s a single-lane gravel path at points. Not recommended to newbies. It’s not suitable for RVs, trailers or motorhomes. The route is pretty narrow and gets a little hairy when you're trying to maneuver past an oncoming car. The road often has steep drop offs where the shoulder should be. It should only be taken by those comfortable driving along extremely narrow dirt roads. The drive should be taken slowly and with safety in mind. Blind corners are common, so error on the side of caution while driving to and from your destination. It is best ridden after some rain has settled down the dust on the road though it can get very slick and treacherous after a heavy rain.

Is Obstruction Point Road open?

Set high in the Olympic Mountain range, this is a high mountain road topping out at 1.870m (6,135ft) above the sea level weaving along tight corners and steep drops. Constructed in the 1940s, this groomed dirt road is Olympic National Park's highest elevation road. It’s closed seasonally. Although it is usually open from mid-July to October, the road is subject to weather and damage closures without notice. It is closed whenever snow, which can occur anytime, makes driving hazardous.

Is Obstruction Point Road in Washington worth it?

The drive offers stunning views. Plan 1 hour to complete the drive without any stop. The road sees heavy traffic when open, especially on weekends. It’s pretty busy on sunny summer weekends, and the parking area at the end fills up fast. So consider going on a weekday if you can, or going early in the day. This dirt road leads from Hurricane Ridge (5,242 feet above sea level) approximately eight miles east to Obstruction Point at 6,135ft. After you've driven a couple of miles through trees, the road opens up, and you're driving along a ridge, with sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains out your windows. The view at the end of the drive is truly rewarding and also it is worth stopping at some of the nice viewpoints on the way. It has fabulous views into the high mountainous interior of Olympic National Park.
Pic: Yogy Namara