Black Eagle Mine Road

A Driving Guide to Black Eagle Mine Road in CA

Black Eagle Mine Road is the name of a very scenic drive located in Riverside County, in the U.S. state of California. The trail runs through an old mining district. It’s one of the famous backcountry roads in the Joshua Tree National Park.

How long is Black Eagle Mine Road in CA?

Tucked away in the Joshua Tree National Park, in southeastern California, the road is totally unpaved. It’s 16.5 miles (26km) long running from the intersection of Pinto Basin Road & Old Dale Road to Eagle Mountain Mine. Several old mines are located near this road. The trail passes by Barry Storm's Jade Mine, the Black Eagle Gold Mine, and Kaiser's Eagle Mountain Mine, but may be too dangerous to approach.

Is Black Eagle Mine Road in Joshua Tree National Park dangerous?

The weather on this zone is harsh. If you take this trip it's best not to do it in the summer as it gets very hot. Two cars would be safer then one if any problems come up. Several old mines are located near the road but may be too dangerous to approach. This 4-wheel drive only, rocky road passes by many side roads to other old, abandoned gold mines as well.  This dead-end dirt road runs along the edge of Pinto Basin, crosses several dry washes, and then winds up through canyons in the Eagle Mountains. It starts off as an easy drive on a sandy road, on a slight downgrade. If you don't have 4 wheel drive it will be difficult on the return trip. At the far end of the road you must have good clearance and 4 wheel drive. The road is blocked near the end with a giant stone.



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