The road to Mariposa Grove, one of the crown jewels of Yosemite NP

Located in Mariposa County, in the U.S. state of California, Mariposa Grove Road is a very scenic drive leading to Mariposa Grove, the largest sequoia grove in Yosemite and home to more than 500 giant sequoia trees.

Mariposa Grove Road

How long is the Mariposa Grove Road?

Located in the southernmost part of Yosemite National Park, in California, the road is totally paved. Starting near the park's South Entrance on Highway 41, the road is 3.21km (2.0 miles) long. The road ends at a big parking lot. Mariposa Grove is one of Yosemite's main attractions.

Is the Mariposa Grove Road open?

Always check the weather forecast before you start your journey: adverse conditions are common. The road closes to cars due to snow, usually from sometime in November or December through sometime in April, at least March 15th. The road is always closed to motorhomes over 25' in length and to vehicles pulling trailers, trailers of any kind and buses over 40 feet.

Is the Mariposa Grove Road steep?

Starting off Highway 41 (Wawona Road), the road has approximately 500 feet in elevation gain, running from 1.565m (5,134ft) above the sea level, to 1.718m (5,636ft). Over this distance the elevation gain is 153 meters. The average gradient is 4.76%.