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Equinox Mountain

Equinox Mountain is a mountain peak at an elevation of 3,840ft (1.170m) above the sea level, located in Bennington County, Vermont, United States.

The road to the summit, called Skyline Drive - Mount Equinox, is asphalted. It’s May 1st through October 31st. On the summit there are communication towers and a small, abandoned Cold War-era NORAD radar station. The summit has a full 360-degree view of Vermont, the Adirondacks and New Hampshire. The road rises 3,140 feet in 5.2 miles from the base on VT-7A in Arlington, to the summit. It was completed in 1947. Today it remains as the longest, privately owned, paved toll road in the United States. 
Pic: Kristofer Soberano


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