A scenic paved road to Guardsman Pass in Utah

Guardsman Pass is a high mountain pass situated at an elevation of 2.969m (9,740ft) above sea level in the U.S. state of Utah.

Guardsman Pass

Where is Guardsman Pass?

This pass, also known as Guardsman's Pass, is positioned on the boundary between Salt Lake and Wasatch counties, to the east of Salt Lake City, in the northern part of Utah.

Can you drive through Guardsman Pass?

The road to the summit is called Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway, also known as Guardsman Pass Road or Utah 190 West. The pass road spans 38.94km (24.2 miles), running west-east from Cottonwood Heights to Park City. You can drive this route in a family car.

Is Guardsman Pass paved?

The road was fully paved in late September 2018.

Is Guardsman Pass still open?

Located high in the craggy Wasatch Mountains of Utah, this road is typically closed throughout winter due to heavy snowfall. It opens from late May or June to October, but accessibility may extend as late as June. Be aware that it can become treacherous during major storms, even in summer.

Is Guardsman Pass dangerous?

This drive offers a bit of everything, featuring curves, unavailability of plowing during winter, and steep sections. Starting from Park City, the ascent covers a distance of 11.38 km (7.07 miles), with an elevation gain of 808 meters. The average gradient is 7.1%.

Is the drive through Guardsman Pass worth it?

The drive usually takes an hour one-way without any stops. Summit facilities include short-term parking and bathrooms. The scenery is most spectacular during fall when the aspens turn orange/yellow, and oaks radiate hues of red. You'll likely want to take longer, stopping for photos and perhaps a picnic along the route.
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