Bald Mountain Pass is the highest paved road in Utah

Bald Mountain Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.272m (10,734ft) above sea level, located in the U.S. state of Utah. It’s said to be the highest paved road in the state.

Bald Mountain Pass

Where is Bald Mountain Pass?

The pass is located on the boundary between Summit and Duchesne counties, in the northeast part of Utah.

When was the road to Bald Mountain Pass in UT built?

Built in 1933, it’s said to be Utah's highest paved road.

Is the road to Bald Mountain Pass in UT paved?

The road to the summit is entirely paved. It’s called Mirror Lake Highway, also known as State Route 150.

How long is the road through Bald Mountain Pass in UT?

The road is 124.24km (77.2 miles) long, heading east from Kamas (in southwestern Summit County in Utah) to Evanston (the county seat of Uinta County in Wyoming).

Is the road to Bald Mountain Pass closed?

Set high in the western Uinta Mountains, the road is usually open from Memorial Day weekend to early November, depending on the weather. Snow can persist here well into July.

Is Bald Mountain Pass scenic?

It is one of the most popular mountainous driving routes in Utah. The views at the summit are breathtaking. Views from the pass are impressive, and they become spectacular as you climb to the summit. You have a clear view of Mirror Lake, located just to the east, and a dozen other lakes in the western part of the Uintas. You also have great views of other towering mountain peaks. The summit is a great overlook of the High Uintas.