Exploring Geyser Pass: a truly outstanding SUV adventure in UT

Geyser Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.231m (10,600ft) above the sea level, located in San Juan County, in the US state of Utah. It’s one of the highest roads of Utah.

Geyser Pass

Where is Geyser Pass?

This pass nestles near the base of Haystack Mountain in the La Sal Range, within the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Its name honors Al Geyser, who grazed his livestock in this region during the 1880s. Positioned south of Burro Pass, drivers are treated to spectacular vistas of the Spanish Valley to the west and Mt. Peale to the east.

Can I drive through Geyser Pass?

Yes, but be prepared for an unpaved journey along Forest Road #071, also known as Geyser Pass Road. Thankfully, the road is generally well-maintained. The western stretch boasts a wide, smooth gravel surface that most passenger cars can navigate, while the eastern side is slightly rougher, best suited for stock 4x4 SUVs.

Is Geyser Pass open?

Weather can be unpredictable here. Snow can block the road even into early June, so always check the forecast before heading out. During winter—from December 15th to May 20th annually—the road is plowed up to a parking lot just before the Gold Basin Road junction. Come summer, the path is clear all the way to the summit.
Pic&video: Matt Rathgeb