How to Get to Skilak Lake in Alaska?

Skilak Lake is a very deep lake with exceptionally clear water located on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, in the USA. The road to the lake offers spectacular views of lakes and glaciers.

Skilak Lake Road

How long is the Skilak lake road?

Nestled within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge lies Skilak Lake Loop Road, a mostly unpaved route leading to the serene lake nourished by the Kenai River. Stretching 30.25 kilometers (18.8 miles), this road can be accessed through entrances located at mileposts 58 and 75.2 on the Sterling Highway. Maintained excellently, it offers a smooth driving experience for any type of vehicle and serves as the primary gateway to Skilak Lake. Notably, this historic road holds the distinction of being the inaugural highway constructed on the Kenai Peninsula in 1947.

Is Skilak Lake Road worth it?

The road is well-traveled by fishermen and tourists to access fishing, campgrounds, trails, and wildlife viewing. There are two campgrounds at the lake. It is possible to fish from the shore but the lake is better suited for boat fishing. Be bear aware. This is the premier wildlife-viewing area on the Kenai Peninsula, and you'll get spectacular views of lakes and glaciers. Don't forget to stop and explore all the nature and wildlife (bears, eagles, wolves, caribou, coyotes, lynx, beavers and moose) around you! To maximize your chances of seeing wildlife and avoiding traffic, drive the road slowly at 10 to 15 mph early in the day or late in the evening. On the side of the road there are breathtaking scenic overlooks. The lake is 15 miles long and four miles wide at its widest point.